Your Pets Passport

Pet Passports

Most cats do not like leaving their homes but if you need to take your cat abroad, we can help to get your cat ready to travel.

Start your preparations for travelling well in advance. Pets need to have a pet passport to travel within EU. Private vets issue pet passports in Ireland.

The pet needs to be in good health, microchipped, and vaccinated for rabies a month before you are planning to cross the border. Pets also need to be treated for parasites by a veterinary surgeon no more than 5 days and not sooner than 24 hours prior to traveling within the EU.

Pets need a health check 48 hours before they travel, which is marked in the pet passport. Airlines require veterinary health certificates as well, that we can issue for our patients.

Various countries have different regulations regarding traveling pets. If you are bringing your pet outside the EU, please check with the officials in the country of your destination for the most up-to-date rules.