Veterinary Home Visits

Why choose home visits for your cat?

● Stress-free veterinary care in your own home at a suitable for you time seven days a week
● No queuing to see the vet
● No need to look for parking or carrying your sick cat in a basket
● Avoiding the stress of the sight, sound and smell of dogs and other animals
● Many cats do not travel well
● Animals are relaxed in their home environment and show their normal behaviour, that might be helpful in identifying a medical condition
● Avoiding the risk of your cat coming into contact with other sick animals
● Great solution for those with more than one cat or transport difficulties
● No overpowering smells of other animals or disinfectants

Payment in full must be made at the time of the home visit.
At present we can only accept cash. In the future debit and credit card payments will be accepted as well.

Provisionally book using form below